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About Our School

Founded by the Clerics of St-Viator in 1850, college Bourget has provided quality education to countless generations of students. True to the mission of its founder, Father Louis Querbes, college Bourget is open to all students who want to succeed in their studies. The College has a long tradition of hosting students from different countries.

Located in Rigaud, in the heart of the mountain, between Montreal and Ottawa, the college Bourget offers to all students a complete living environment.

College Bourget has a great tradition of hosting students from all over the world. International students play an important role in the school’s cultural life. Immersion French classes or English up grading courses are offered to the international students.

College Bourget is more than just a school. It is a complete living environment. Boarders often compare their stay at college Bourget with being part of a big family.

International students reside at the school during the week, from Sunday evening until Friday afternoon. On weekends, students reside with host families and participate in their activities. These families are selected by the director of the program. In many cases, one of the family’s children is a student of the school.

From the campus, the students have direct access to Rigaud Mountain’s hiking trails, where ecological discoveries are plentiful.
College Bourget welcomes about 150 boarders and 1400 day students (co-educational). In recent years, we have opened our doors to the elementary school level.

Our students originate from many areas of the Province of Quebec but also from countries outside of Canada, such as Latin America and French African countries.

Educational Mission

College Bourget’s educational mission is focused on certain key points, including :

  • the importance of the French language ;
  • the world we live in ;
  • fostering an interest in science ;
  • developing artistic and cultural awareness ;
  • participation in leisure and sport.

Our spiritual ideal constitutes the centre of our educational approach. Some family values we emphasize are respect, tolerance and community involvement.

College Bourget offers students and their parents a warm, safe, educational and social environment. The students’ academic education is complemented by sports, socio-cultural and community activities.

A team of professionals ensures that students are integrated into their personal, social, as well as academic lives. We pay special attention to intercultural differences. We plan their stay with a great deal of attention and try to make their stay as happy as possible. College Bourget is the right place for students who want to learn in a healthy environment, a magnificent setting and in a warm atmosphere.

College Bourget is more than just a school, it is a home away from home. Thanks to the large number of activities that are offered, students enjoy living in a residence and being part of a big family.

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